Bordeaux 2016
Palais des congrès

29ème Congrès sofcep

May 12th, 2016
ISAPS Symposium

May 13th-14th, 2016
SOFCEP Congress

Bordeaux 2016 Palais des congrès
May 12th, 2016 - ISAPS Symposium
May 13th-May 14th, 2016 - SOFCEP Congress



Dear friends and colleagues,

We are announcing with great enthusiasm our next SOFCEP meeting to be held on May 12th to 14th, 2016 in Bordeaux at the new Conference Center.

This modern venue offers a contemporary design and will no doubt convey its dynamic spirit to our SOFCEP meeting. The « French Aesthetic Touch » is not a mere concept but a concrete reality.

Since the launching of our yearly conferences in Tours, we have increased our international visibility and created strong links with learned societies such as the American AASAPS, the ISAPS international society (we will run a joint meeting on May 12), the Italian society who took part in the Nice meeting, and the British society BAAPS, our sister society for the next 2016 conferecne. We have grown and shall keep growing : new members - not only established practitioners but also young residents have joined us. We can boast a 50% growth rate among active members and no less than a 100 % growth in overall membership over the past two years.

We organised a training seminar for young plastic surgeons earlier this year and SOFCEP serves as breeding grounds for innovative ideas.

This is the result of collaborative team work with our dedicated Board members. Our practice has changed and will keep changing : we have to get ready for the future. This year’s main theme is “The future for plastic surgeons”. A leading session will be held on “Tomorrow’s cosmetic medicine and surgery” in which we will discuss all the practical aspects of our profession. We will endeavour to keep a visionary spirit so that the younger generation as well as the older ones get ready for tomorrow’s cosmetic practice.

We will talk about the various legal entities where we can offer our services (office practice, medi spa or so called autonomous cosmetic surgery units), and discuss an array of subjects such as the French and European markets, surgical tourism, marketing and communication, media, new virtual consultation services…

Scientific sessions will focus on subjects that are of concern to us and are likely to undergo more change in the coming years : fat transfer, strain cells in regenerative medicine, face rejuvenation, new breast implants, body contouring techniques, cosmetic and anti-aging medicine, intimate surgery.

Our assistant nurses in turn will have their own conference : their skills and competences are indispensable and they also have to face impending changes in their activities. Their position, as an interface between us and our patients, is crucia l. France has for long represented the image of refinement, fashion, creativity and art.

There is no doubt that our know-how in medical and surgical aesthetics will become more and more acknowledged on the international scene. Let us take up this challenge, let us work together for an even more reliable, sustainable and natural cosmetic practice. Let us respect and maintain the ethical and professional values that were passed on to us ; we should be proud of our noble art and science.

SOFCEP meetings represent far more than a learned society conference in this ever changing world.

Armand Azencot
Chairman of SOFCEP

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